Jordi Pérez

Hår Jordi Pérez @La Barberia de Gràcia . Fotograf Sergi Jasanada . Make-up Mónica Martínez . Styling Ángel Cabezuelo . Billeder ComunicaHair

The female universe, as complex as exciting, but so far away for us professionally, as we are barbers. We have decided to enter and explore some of the infinite  possibilities offered by the fact of working (for the first time) with women. And we  have been delighted with the result. Shapes, colors, textures, geometries… everything that we had seen so many other times in other colleagues’ hands, this  time we were the ones who made it, putting into practice our own techniques and acquired in many formations, changing our vision of what we wanted as a final result and simply letting the hairdressing flow from our hands and our minds.

We have entered into a world hitherto unknown and we have enjoyed the  experience a lot, in fact, we have fallen in love, and who knows…