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Juanmy Medialdea

Step by step – Bubble Braid

Hår Juanmy Medialdea . Fotograf Santo Palomo . Make-up Sergio Peña . Stylist Juanmy Medialdea . Model Nofuentes models

Se step by step beskrivelsen under billederne.

Step 1: Prepare the hair by using a curling iron with a diameter of 38mm to create subtle waves throughout the hair. Brush the hair, apply a little shine and you are ready to start working.

Step 2: Separate the hair at the front, take a section from the crown and tie it in a ponytail with a hair tie, twist it in on itself and de-structure it a bit.

Step 3: Place another hair tie about 6cm below the previous one and open up the hair to form a bubble.

Step 4: Take 3cm thick sections from both sides and bring them together in the centre, and using a hair tie, join them to the hair tie from step 3.

Step 5: Tie another hair tie 6cm below the previous one, open the hair up into a bubble, again take two lateral sections and join them in the centre to hair tie.

Step 6: Repeat the previous steps until you finish the hair in the central zone.

Step 7: Take a side section, twist it, and with the help of a ponytail needle, introduce it through the central section and secure it inside with a hair fork. Repeat with the other side section.

Step 8: If wanted, use a headdress to finish the look.