Step by step – Up-do of twists and knots

Hår Juanmy Medialdea . Fotograf Santo Palomo . Make-up Sergio Peña . Stylist Juanmy Medialdea . Model Nofuentes models

Se step by step beskrivelsen under billederne.

Step 1: Prepare the hair by using a curling iron with a diameter of 38mm to create subtle waves throughout the hair. Brush the hair, apply a little shine and you are ready to start working.

Step 2: Separate the hair at the front, take a section from the crown, tie it in a ponytail with a hair tie and de-structure it a bit.

Step 3: Using hair sticks, create definition in the upper section of the hair.

Step 4: When the lacquer is dry, remove the hair sticks.

Step 5: Take a section from each side and join them in the centre with a hair tie.

Step 6: Repeat the previous step, but this time twist each strand a little.

Step 7: With the remaining hair make a very loose braid.

Step 8: Twist the braid over itself and secure it at the base with a hair fork.

Step 9: Use a headdress/accessory if wanted.